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The east Coast of Sardinia and its inland are one of the last sanctuaries of wilderness in the whole Mediterranean Sea. South of Orosei the road abandons the shoreline to rejoin it some 70 kilometers further. Driving south after Dorgali the road climbs up to the 1000 m Genna Silana Pass from where one can see the land becoming more and more severe, corrugated and deserted, no more villages, no more tourist resorts.
 Westward the impressive cliffs of Monte Oddeu sign the border of Supramonte, the highland home for shepherds, wild fauna, rocks and caves not to say about bandits. The gigantic and impressive cut in the  rock of "Su Gorropu" sided by 600 m pillars of pure limestone and the more gentle "Scala ‘e Surtana" give access to this magic land.
 On the other side the "codule" - deep and winding valleys and canyons - run towards the sea. White dazzling rocks rise from the deep green of oak forests and mediterranean bush. Mufflons, wild and domestic goats, birds of prey, vultures, swifts, seagulls, cormorans and even eagles can be seen around. The coast reveals impressive cliffs diving in the blue waters and coves that are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea.
 Time stays still with the uniqueness of the landscape, the lack of roads, the ancient traditions of secluded people, and the remnants of the lost "nuragic" civilisation scattered over the land. Globalisation is finding a hard way to get in here.


Trip Highlights
    •    Sleep under the stars overlooking the Mediterranean sea
    •    Hike and take a bath in Cala Goloritzè, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia
    •    Enjoy the fantastic view of the Orosei Gulf from the top of Punta Salinas

Defined as the most wildest trek in Italy, “Selvaggio Blu” probably is also the most original and beautiful one. The valleys from the inland open their way to the sea shaping beautiful coves where you will be able to refresh almost every day.
This trek that goes from the town of Santa Maria Navarrese to the beach of Cala Luna, follows from south to north, the coastline of one of the most beautiful gulfs of the Mediterranean sea: the Orosei Gulf. The panoramas and sceneries offered can not be found in other places in Sardinia. 
The terrain is rocky and uneven and in some places where rocks close the way, easy climbs and rappels will be necessary.
Persons with long experience in journeys, alpine expeditions and explorations in the world, always said that this trek is surprisingly fascinating and unique, and also for the “normal” excursionist this itinerary always overcomes the expectations regarding the beauty, becoming an experience that goes further than the normal hike with the backpack on the shoulders.
“An anti stress, wellness for the spirit and a return to the roots, appreciating the lack of comfort and moments of difficulty…that makes you feel good with yourself”, like this many have defined this trek after having done it.
The programme includes accommodation under the stars, in other words bivouacs without tents or different shelters. Apart from the first night there will be always the possibility of a refreshing bath in the sea at the end of each day. Deposits of food and water will be organised by the guide prior of the trip.
To participate on this trek you need to be a hiker in good health and fitness and are capable to hike with heavy backpacks on your shoulders (max. 12kg). The problems of orientation are not to be underrated and makes of this trek the most challenging hike in Italy. That is why we only offer it accompanied by a professional alpine guide who knows the area well.


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