Piedmont - Val Maira information


The valley is situated in the “Alpi Cozie” at the border to France and is traversed by the river Maira. The neighbouring valleys are the Valle Varaita in the north, the Valle Grana in the south and the Valle Stura in the higher valley.
The landscape is characterized by the 3000m high mountains and the woods, meadows and alpine lakes in between them.


The climate in this valley is similar to the one you can find in other alpine valleys. Its relative closeness to the sea and the protection of the high mountain all around the valley make it that humidity can enter and that fore fog and rain can occur more often.
Temperatures in summer are mild with warm days and cool nights. Due to its particular position one valley side is in the sun when the other side is in the shadow so, you need to take a warm pullover with you when you hike on the shady side.
In Winter the clear days seem, despite temperatures below 0°, surprisingly mild and dry, but as soon as you ascent a little bit you need good and warm clothes. During the night temperatures descend significantly blow 0° which can cause ice on the streets but conserves the fine powder snow.
Streets are cleaned frequently but you MUST have snow chains as it can occur that there is snow and ice on the streets.


The valley lies at approx. 1700m above sea level and for this reason even in May there can be too much snow for hiking.
The Hiking season therefore starts in June and ends in September. In the lower valley you can hike from Mai to October, also as the hotels and “Locande” are closing only in November and some weeks in April.
Winter starts in November and in the higher mountains there can be found already some snow. Good snow conditions can be expected starting from mid of December but then they last until mid of April (depending, of course on the weather conditions!).


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